Retailers Stop Selling the iPhone X Due to Reduced Profit Margin in Indian – Profit is less than xiaomi

Apple iPhone X global sales, but in the world’s second largest mobile phone market – India! Foreign media reports, large Indian retailers complained iPhone X retail profits are too low, has decided to stop selling.

IT Wire, a technology Web site, reported that Sangeetha Mobiles, a large retailer with 400 outlets in India, has decided to discontinue its iPhone X because of “underpricing.” Sangeetha Mobiles complained that Apple cut its profit margin to iPhone X retailer from 6.5% to 4.5%, a decrease of nearly 30%. If consumers pay by credit card, their profit will drop by 1.5% ~ 2%, and there is almost no money to earn. .

Sangeetha Mobiles further said that offering 12% to 15% profit margin to India’s leading mobile smartphone maker, followed by Samsung, to expand OPPO and Vivo in India and even give local retailers more than average Higher profits, the other hand, Apple did not do so.

The report pointed out that Sangeetha Mobiles in India’s influence, does not rule out that there may be more Indian retailers to follow up the sale of iPhone X, Apple reduced retailers profits, may jeopardize its position in the Indian market.

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