Not be faster After Change the battery iPhone

Apple will reduce the operating speed of the old iPhone to reduce battery consumption, “deceleration door” early in the outbreak, Apple apologized and will replace the battery cost reduced to 29 dollars. However, there are direct sales office employees declared that, for the battery will not make your iPhone 6 / 6S / 7 faster operation.

Recently reported that Taiwan’s iPhone 6 and 6S battery out of stock, need to wait a long time, this situation is world-wide. Chinese media “Tencent” reported that now the old iPhone would like to change the battery, at least need to wait at least 2 months or more, although not named which several speculated that iPhone 7 the following phones are considered old models. Apple revealed that less than 10% of all batteries they replaced have passed the diagnostic test program.

In addition, Apple also stressed that those who really need to change the battery regret, although they are very much needed, but had to wait for a long time, because too many people do not need to change the battery also made a request to replace the battery. Before the old iPhone replaced the battery, Apple’s technicians had to perform diagnostic tests on the battery and inform the user of the battery’s age and related information, including the number of battery cycles and remaining capacity.

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