Melaka Girl searching doorstep mobile repair service ,end up Cheated and lost the mobile

(March 16, Malacca) Young women, unable to open their smart phones, find a doorstep repair service in the face-to-face repair. After the phone is repaired, the service technician has declared that she has lost contact and hopes the public can remain vigilant.

Victim Stu Szeto (40-year-old restaurant clerk), today assisted by CCCPC Chairman Datuk Seri Cai Choi Choi , pointed out on October 23 that she contacted a mobile repair man named Lin surnamed Man on her facebook on 23 October to help her unlock the Apple ID which is She has forgotten the email and password for the Apple iphone 6s.

She said that at that time, when the contact was a man surnamed Lin at 3 pm, the man surnamed Lin went to repair the phone after half an hour , after read the cell phone and the technician guy took the cell phone away.

“He told me at the time that my home wifi had only 1MBPS so slow that why I need to take it back for repair.”

She said that after the surnamed Lin had contact with her, she was also mainly responsible for answering the three personal questions she had set on the phone unlocking.

She also said that since the mobile phone was handed over to the surnamed Lin on October 23 and has not been repaired until November 6, surnamed Lin said need to took her a receipt for the mobile phone which is bought in Penang on November 7 , He said he would take the call back from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“I was at home waiting for him, but I did not show up overnight. After trying to call him the next day I found his phone was down and could not be contacted.”

She said after her case was reported to the police on November 15, she found that a man surnamed Lin was lying to a lot of people in Malacca. Many people have already reported to the police and police have arrested only his father at home and can not find a man named Lin. .

Cai Lian cai urged the victims not to believe the online service

Tsai said Cho’s Gerakan will assist Miss Stuart in police follow-up and hope the public will not trust too much about the Internet.

He said that if the public needs to repair the phone, you should choose to repair the phone shop, in the face of the problem is more convenient to deal with.

He hoped that if other people in Malacca faced such problems as Stuart, they should bravely stand up and report to the police.

The presence of women there are still women in State Gerakan Yang


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