iOS update new version serious disaster iPhone users !

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, many users complained that the iPhone’s iOS update came a serious disaster, after the update to the latest version of a sudden “crash”, the user !

Taiwan “Apple” reported that some users , iPhone update to iOS 11.1.2, have “crashes” situation, APP frequent flashback, black screen problems.

A Taiwanese netizen said on social media that the iPhone 6 plus has been updated to iOS 11.1.2. In the early hours of the morning, he suddenly “turns black and white”. After about 10 seconds, he or she returns to the password screen. After opening the app, The same time.

Many netizens also responded to the same questions: “+ 1 is almost impossible to use now,” “+ 1 is quick to die,” “1 is normal now for me.” “6s + has just been updated to the latest version OS is still the same “,” +1 every 1 minute collapse “,” i7 same problem with the version of madness “,” 7 + crazy black screen turn circle, alarm clock can not be used. ”

Another netizen said iPhone X has been rebound reboot, wake up in the morning and found the phone has been repeatedly circling.

There are also Internet users remind each other, if not updated, first do not update iOS 11.1.2, wait and see.

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