iMovie for iOS update delivers iPhone X, Metal graphics support

iMovie for iOS introduced a major update to version 2.2.5 this morning, which will bring immense convenience to users of iPhone X.

The new 2.2.5 version is compatible with iPhone X’s Super Retina screen resolution, iPhone X users can use the full screen to edit the video with finger touch, update also supports Apple’s own development of the Metal framework for image processing, both video editing and rendering will Smoother.

iMovie for iOS version 2.2.5 The “new content” recorded in iTunes is as follows

Updated Super Retina screen for iPhone X

Metal graphics processing technology

Improve localization of Simplified Chinese

Improve overall stability

Users can download iOS iMovie updates to the App Store

Application Name: iMovie
Support Platform: iOS 11.2 or above
Category: Photos and Videos
Download address: iTunes

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