Apple is really miserable, more than 180,000 Koreans announced to sue Apple!

Korean media East Asia Daily reported on January 1, more than 180,000 Koreans announced to sue Apple!


Korean media said that around the Apple company to lower the cost of the old cell phone features were exposed after the unsatisfactory compensation plan introduced, consumer dissatisfaction is intensifying. As of December 31, there are more than 180,000 people in Korea who want to join class actions.

According to Korean media, according to “Universal” (translation), a legal corporation involved in applying for the “Apple Class Action to Reduce Mobile Phone Functionality”, about 180,000 people joined the Apple Class Action Participants as of 2pm on the 31st activity. In the morning of the 30th, there were only 30,000 applicants. After the compensation plan was announced by Apple (29th local time), it increased by 150,000 in a day. Forensic legal “Hui Ming” (transliteration) is also through the online community litigation commissioned.

Korean media said the reason why consumers are furious on Apple, because the compensation program launched by Apple dissatisfied. Apple said it will cut the cost of replacing the battery from the original $ 79 to $ 50 to $ 29.

Korean media said Apple Korea also released a notice that the use of domestic users after version 6 of IPHONE to replace the battery will be reduced from 100,000 won to 34,000 won corresponding to 29 US dollars. Many people have suggested that due to Apple’s recognition of the upgrade caused by the old iOS mobile phones slow down, should provide free replacement battery support.

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