Apple iPhone Xc concept exposure cheap color version of iPhone X.

Apple iPhone has always been shown in black, white or gray body, in addition to the iPhone 5c released in September 2013 with a colorful body design, coupled with the relatively low price, by many users of all ages. IPhone X products released by Apple in September to bangs a full screen as the main feature to support the face ID, but its high price

But imagine, if the iPhone 5c and iPhone X into one will have any effect? iDropNews website today shared several concept rendezvous called iPhoneXc, the perfect combination of colorful iPhone5c and iPhoneX, take a look.

iPhone Xc concept renderings

iDROPNEWS concept of the iPhoneXc appearance with iPhoneX similar “bangs” full screen design, will be equipped with A11 or A12 chip, and iPhoneX is the same, will be equipped with TrueDepth camera system to support the face ID and dynamic expression, support for wireless Charging, priced at about 449 US dollars or 549 US dollars.

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