Apple apologize for the phone speed limit ,Offer a discount to change the battery

(NEW YORK, January 29) Apple finally admitted last week that limiting processor efficiency is based on the idea of ​​lengthening old battery life. In this regard, Apple said in a statement: “We know that some of you think Apple let you down, and we apologize for that.”

Apple further said that there are many misunderstandings about this issue. Clarification does not mean deliberately shortening the life of any Apple product, nor does it specifically reduce the user experience to promote product upgrading. Apple emphasized that its goal has always been to create customer favorite products, and to maximize iPhone durability is an important part.

According to the statement, Apple proposed a remedy, the company will provide the benefits of replacing the battery costs, from the original 79 US dollars (about RM320 ringgit) dropped sharply to 29 US dollars (about RM118). Offer will last for 1 whole year from the end of January 2018 to December 2018 and covers the whole world.

This issue first surfaced in early December when a reddit user shared the Geekbench results before and after the iPhone 6s replacement battery. The user claimed that, after changing the battery, iPhone 6s performance rose about 20%.

Apple also said that as early as last year in the iPhone6,6s and SE to join the restrictive functions, by reducing the processor efficiency, protection against accidental shutdown problems, to protect electronic components. At the same time, Apple also said it will continue this practice continues to the iPhone 7, so that most of the world’s Apple fans are very dissatisfied.

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